Minnesota private colleges and universities offer a wide range of in-person or virtual visit options throughout the year for students. Although campuses are beginning to offer in-person visits again, they are limited due to COVID-19. Check out our upcoming events calendar to find out what visit options are being offered including options for online self-guided tours. These may be fully interactive or series of videos or photo galleries.

In-person options

All our campuses offer one-on-one visits as well as group visit events with the bulk of campus visit events (or open houses) scheduled in the fall. There is also Minnesota Private College Week, which is held the last full week every June (see below). Find links to visit pages and our group event calendar.

For those students or families who don't have access to a car, we've created a list of alternative transportation options.

Virtual options

As an alternative to in-person visits, our colleges have expanded their virtual visits offerings with both group sessions and one-on-one visits with admissions staff. Find links to visit pages and our group event calendar.

Minnesota Private College Week

Held the last full week of June each year, Minnesota Private College Week is a great way for students to discover what they're looking for in a college. Our 18 private nonprofit institutions offer short introductory sessions Monday through Friday, and students and families can choose to visit any combination of colleges during the week. Registration opens on May 1 each year.

We've created a number of free resources to share with students or post in your school:

Below is some sample text and a graphic you can use in written materials, newsletters, or on Naviance or your website. If you need a specific digital format or size, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Minnesota Private College Week, June 21-24, 2022

"Summer is a good time for soon-to-be juniors and seniors, as well as their families, to begin exploring college options. An easy way to get started is Minnesota Private College Week, running June 21-24. These introductory visits, which include a campus tour and informational meeting, are of most value to students who are beginning their searches. Sessions are held daily."

View schedule and register online for free.


Register to bring a group of students

IMPORTANT: This option is on hold for 2022. Please contact each institution directly to check if it is able to accommodate your group during Minnesota Private College Week. View list of contacts.

Counselors can register a group of students by filling out our online form. We encourage you to register your group early since specific visit sessions may be closed as they fill.

Please be sure to read our group visit guidelines, which covers chaperone expectations and grades level restrictions and provides other helpful advice to make your visit go as smoothly as possible for both you and your students.

Register to come without students

Counselors and others who help students with college decisions are always welcome to come during Minnesota Private College Week. Not only is it an excellent way for you to learn more about our colleges, but it also helps you learn what students can expect when they sign up for visits during our event. To attend without students, please fill out our online registration form.

Future Minnesota Private College Week dates
  • June 26-30, 2023
  • June 24-28, 2024
  • June 23-27, 2025
  • June 22-26, 2026
  • June 21-25, 2027
  • June 26-30, 2028
  • June 25-29, 2029
  • June 24-28, 2030