Community college students can see the how courses in more than 30 majors will transfer to one of our colleges or universities with pathway guides. These guides also show what would be left to complete for the bachelor’s degree at that institution.
These private college pathways build on what Minnesota State has already established. Our private colleges and universities are regularly reviewing and establishing additional pathways at their institutions. This was done for psychology and biology as part of the Transfer Initiative; more work is underway for English, chemistry, communication studies and history.

Find the transfer pathway information you need. Use one or more of the filters below, and then click the SUBMIT button.

Completed the MnTC and/or earned an AA degree? Block transfer is available at 12 of our institutions. And for AA earners, 12 private colleges also offer the Transfer Admission Guarantee.


2023-24 Transfer Resource

A resource for counselors and students alike, this guide offers substantial, campus-specific information about our 18 colleges and universities and their transfer requirements.