June 2022

In addition to advocating for the Minnesota State Grant program, the Minnesota Association of Private College Students (MAPCS) authored a letter and testified before higher education committees during the legislative session to garner support for changes that would help address student hunger. The final Higher Education Omnibus Finance and Policy bill included an amendment to the Hunger Free Campus Program that would have allowed nonprofit colleges to be eligible to receive small grants to meet or maintain the requirements for a Hunger Free Campus designation. The proposal also included an additional $75,000 in ongoing funding to help public, tribal and private nonprofit colleges meet the requirements. This program will help address hunger among all college students in Minnesota. Like the State Grant proposal, this initiative was not signed into law as the higher education bill was not signed before the legislature adjourned in May. As fall 2022 approaches, MAPCS is excited to support the Hunger Free Campus program application process. Looking ahead to 2023, we'll continue advocating to help make private nonprofit colleges eligible for this grant funding to serve all students.